In defence of starting Christmas early this year

In years past, I would’ve said that putting your Christmas tree up in November was pushing it a bit. I would’ve said the same if I spotted you inflating a giant Santa on your front lawn before December 1st.

In all Novembers prior to 2020, there were only a handful of Christmas festivities that I would reasonably allow: mince pies, mulled wine (we opened our first bottle in April this year which must be a record) and Mariah warbling out All I Want For Christmas Is You. Anything more than that, in my opinion, is not appropriately pacing yourself.

But this year – for entirely obvious reasons – everything is different.

For those of us lucky enough to ordinarily spend Christmas with friends and family, this year’s plans for the big day are looking very different. And if being forced to choose between spending your five-day Christmas window with your parents or your in-laws isn’t hard enough, even the run-up to Christmas this year seems unlikely to inspire its usual festive cheer (no Christmas markets, no parties, and if, like me, you’re living in a tier three area, no spontaneous ‘it’s Christmas, why not?’ trips to the pub).

So it’s hardly surprising then that a fairly large proportion of the British public (this is my vague assessment, don’t quote me) are starting Christmas early in 2020, and I, for one, am all here for it.

After almost nine months of living under a coronavirus cloud (and now, as winter beckons, a literal cloud), I think adding a bit of festive sparkle to the domestic prisons we’ve all been confined to for the majority of 2020 is totally understandable, and if I was able to reach my own Christmas decorations (because I’m very short and my husband decided that the best place to store them was on the highest shelf in our garage), I’d have my own home fully decked out by now.

Of course, there are the usual Scrooges, ready and waiting to complain about their neighbour’s extravagant outdoor lighting display or the fact that their friend’s Christmas tree has been up since November 1st, but they’re lying to themselves if they think they hold the festive moral high ground this year.

Do what you need to do to get through has been the motto for many since late March and it’s one that is particularly relevant when it comes to navigating Christmas during a global pandemic.

So, if you’re happy to spend the next five weeks or so surrounded by tinsel and baubles then forget the haters and spend your time instead marvelling in the ability that fairy lights have at making your home look 100% nicer. Yes, it’s November (just), but time works differently in 2020, so lets take advantage of that.

Photo by James Wheeler on Unsplash

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