Padstow: Cornish pasties, Padstow beer and all the fudge

Today is National Fudge Day and not only did I promise to write a fudge-related post in my latest Monthly Musing, I also said I would write about our holiday to Cornwall (which we’re now on) and so here it is, my first travel/food/life post. I’m so incredibly pleased that I’ve managed to prise the fudge from my hands for long enough to actually open my laptop and start typing that I’ve lined myself up an extra helping of the sweet stuff to eat once I’ve finished!!

Now, we couldn’t travel to Cornwall on National Fudge Day and not partake in a little Cornish fudge sampling, could we?! So on our first morning on the south west coast, I dragged the troops through a rainy Padstow (have you even been on a British holiday if it doesn’t rain at least once on your trip?!) to Buttermilk, one of Cornwall’s oldest fudge shops.

A family run business, Buttermilk’s Padstow shop opened in 1964 and its award-winning fudge – still made using copper pans over open flames – has become so popular over the years that they now have a second shop in Port Isaac and a Buttermilk Kitchen in Bodmin. Naturally, we bought three packs (and will no doubt be going back for more…), but my favourite by far is their Cornish Butter Tablet which literally melts in your mouth.

Fudge is one of those foods that, for me, holds the same kind of seaside nostalgia also reserved for fluffy candy floss and the traditional stick of rock (for those of you who don’t know, rock is a hard stick of boiled sugar that you can find littering seaside souvenir shops across Britain). Unlike the aforementioned, however, fudge neither sticks to everything it comes into contact with nor threatens to break at least two of your teeth on consumption and so, for that reason, it ranks as highly in the seaside nostalgia stakes for me as fish and chips on the pier and ice-cream on the beach.

There was no beach or pier for us today though. Instead, we enjoyed our fudge in the beautiful fishing port of Padstow as we gazed at the boats and wandered through the pretty streets. Although our stop was brief (our 5:30am wake-up call from the little one meant that a lunchtime nap was calling to us all!), we definitely hope to return later in our trip to explore the area in more depth. Naturally, tucking into a portion of Rick Stein’s fish and chips is very high up our to-do list, but for now we’ll have to make do with the fudge…and the Cornish pasties (from the incredible Chough Bakery)…and the Padstow beer…no wonder I need a nap!






2 thoughts on “Padstow: Cornish pasties, Padstow beer and all the fudge

    1. I totally agree, Ryan! Fudge is definitely one my favourite foods and Cornish fudge is the best! Thank-you for reading and commenting 🙂


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