June: seasonal conundrums & holiday excitement

Yes, June, YES! I know summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st, but once I begin writing the word June instead of May, I struggle not to get excited! Here in the UK, we’ve been treated to some glorious weather over the past few weeks and although I’m not stupid enough to expect that to continue throughout the coming month, I am looking forward to the wide range of outfits that the change in seasons can bring.

Just the other day, after deliberating for quite some time over whether it was cold enough to wear a jumper, but still warm enough to wear flip flops, I walked into town and realised that many people were struggling with the same problem. There were those who, bewildered by the sudden change in temperature, had left the house in shorts and sundresses and now seemed slightly embarrassed that they hadn’t looked out of the window beforehand. Contrastingly, there were a number of people who had managed to wipe the recent sunshine from their minds completely and now appeared to be in preparation for the next ice age.

I fell somewhere in the middle, not quite committing to the cold or the rain or yesterday’s sunshine, but instead carrying half of my wardrobe around with me in case of a sudden heat wave/downpour. I regretted my decision, of course, but that’s British weather for you. I’m hopeful that in a week or two things will start to get a little more predictable otherwise I’ll be packing my entire wardrobe into the boot of our car as we head off on our first family holiday! This leads me nicely (and wasn’t at all shoehorned in to make this whole piece vaguely coherent) to June’s upcoming content.

Recently, I spoke about how I’ve been lusting over the fashion content on other people’s blogs and wishing I had a sense of style that would allow me to do the same. Well, this problem also extends to travel content. I’d love to include a travel category on My Bellyful, but, as I rarely go anywhere further than my front door, I’ve always felt as if including anything travel-related would seem a little silly (unless you actually want to hear about my latest trip to Tesco?!).

However, we’re about to head off on a much-needed holiday to Cornwall and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t write at least one post about it?! I’ll admit that travelling a few hundred miles in the car isn’t as glamorous as backpacking through South America or hiking the Himalayas, but Cornwall is still an incredibly beautiful part of the world and so, for the first time ever, I’m prising my laptop off the kitchen table and packing it in my suitcase.

Now, don’t expect anything too adventurous (there’ll be no bungee jumping, abseiling or deep sea diving, trust me!), but instead look out for posts about our general holiday existence including lots of aimless ramblings about food (because that’s mostly all I do on holiday!) and plenty of touristy reviews that I hope some of you might find helpful. There are also a few awareness days during our time on the south-west coast and I’m hoping that I might be able to incorporate one or two of them in my writing somehow, including National Picnic Week, Father’s Day and National Fudge Day (I mean, it doesn’t take a lot to convince me to eat fudge, but if there’s an awareness day about it then it’s my duty to buy one bag of Cornish fudge at the very least, right?!)

I have to say, I’m really excited about adding this new content to the site. It’s a big step for My Bellyful, but one which is indicative of the new direction in which the blog is headed. I really hope you enjoy hearing about our little journey. Now all I need to do is decide what to take with me!!



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