Summer Haiku

Dreaming about summer already…

Winter left behind 

as blue skies bring summer sun

that warms skin, gently

I don’t write a lot of poetry, but when I do I really enjoy it. I particularly love the challenge of writing a haiku though I’m conscious that my limited skills in this style of poetry are reflected in my writing.

If you write poetry, how and where do you find inspiration and do you have any tips for the aspiring poet?

📷: Utsav Mistry from Pexels 

  1. I find inspiration in allowing the rising sun to fill me with awe.
    in the breaking of a heart at the loss of love.
    in the joy of a new life.
    in the fear of the thunder crack in a dark midnight.
    in the hope of a ship setting sail for adventure.
    in the despair of the homeless woman begging for her lunch.

    Open your eyes and breath in the world.
    Close you eyes and let your hands spill the poetry on the page.

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