Good on Paper interview: Craig Parkinson

It’s been ages since I posted any kind of writing update and if you’ve read Goodbye 2017. Hello to a whole new chapter… then you’ll understand why this update is so short! Though 2017 may not have been my most productive year in writing terms, I was given the wonderful opportunity last summer to interview actor Craig Parkinson for Good On Paper.

Known for his roles in Channel 4’s Indian Summers, E4’s Misfits and, most notably, the BBC’s award-winning Line of Duty, last year Craig Parkinson added a new string to his bow when he became the host of The Two Shot Podcast. With the aim of giving listeners a rare insight into the entertainment industry, the first six episodes of this fascinating new podcast featured guests including fellow LoD castmates Vicky McClure and Neil Morrissey and was clearly a project that meant a great deal to Craig and his producer Thomas.

Due to conflicting schedules, I was unable to meet Craig in person, but his kind and considerate manner certainly shone through our email conversations. One topic that arose from the interview and one that I touched on briefly in my GOP article, was the need for a flexible approach to employment particularly in the entertainment industry and I feel that this is a subject that is definitely worth expanding on – I’ll try and write a blog piece on it in the near future, but if you have any thoughts on this topic, please do let me know!

The Two Shot Podcast now has over twenty-five episodes ready and waiting for you to download. Recent guests include Craig’s former flatmate and all round fabulous actor Danny Mays, Fresh Meat’s Greg McHugh and spoken word poet Dave Scott aka Argh Kid. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, writer or director, or if you’re keen to learn more about how your favourite star started out in the industry, The Two Shot Podcast is definitely one for you.

And, whilst we’re still on the subject, how fantastic was Craig’s character – Detective Inspector Matthew “Dot” Cottan – in Line of Duty?! If you haven’t seen LoD (particularly series three), may I recommend that you spend every minute of your spare time catching up?! Or start downloading The Two Shot Podcast…

You can read my interview with Craig in full here.





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