Writing, writing and more writing!!

I know you’re all hotly anticipating the final instalment of my latest three part Tiny Tale, Rules To Live By, (I know I am – I haven’t even finished writing the thing yet!), but in the meantime I thought I’d keep you up-to-date with my recent work outside of Bellyful of Art.

Rather excitingly, I had my first Tiny Tale published in October! Local magazine Good on Paper kindly published the story (which has already appeared twice on Bellyful of Art) as part of their new poetry, flash fiction and short story feature. It was such a joy to see my fictional words in print and although I write regularly for GoP, it really felt like this was a momentous achievement in my writing career. Unfortunately, issue #7 has been superseded by issue #8 (more on that below), but you can still read The Room – if you haven’t already – here.

SSS (1 of 1)My latest piece for issue #8 of GoP is a book review – the first I’ve ever written! Luckily, the Stroud Short Stories Anthology is an exceptionally easy book to dip in and out of and I found the eighty stories published within its pages a pleasure to read. If you don’t live in Stroud then you won’t be familiar with the concept of Stroud Short Stories so here’s a little excerpt from the article to help fill you in:

In 2011, inspired by story-reading events held in Brighton, writer and comedian Bill Jones founded Stroud Short Stories, an evening designed to encourage and inspire local writers. After submitting their entries to the event, selected authors were asked to read their stories aloud in front of an audience at Stroud Valleys Artspace – a daunting task for any writer, but one that proved immensely popular.

Can you imagine that?! Reading your story out loud to an audience??!! My voice is croaking at the thought of it! And yet…

If you live in Stroud (Gloucestershire, UK), you can purchase a copy of the Stroud Short Stories Anthology – which features almost all of the ten stories selected at each of the nine SSS events across the last four years – at Trading Post in Kendrick Street. Alternatively, you can order a copy online at Lulu.com.




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