Good On Paper, The Big Issue and More…

So it turns out that the two week break I decided to take at the beginning of August somehow managed to stretch itself to a whole month! This is not because I have been idling away the hours on a sun-drenched beach, sipping cocktails and pondering my next short story – if only! – in fact, quite the opposite has occurred: during my spare time I have been diligently chipping away at the mass of near-impenetrable stone that has become my writing career and finally I have been rewarded for my efforts. If you check out my ‘Published Work’ page you will see that I have had several pieces in the public domain recently – including work for The Big Issue (South West) – and although it is still a slow process, I feel as if that near-impenetrable stone is becoming…well, less impenetrable!

With that in mind, I would again like to thank everyone (fellow bloggers and friends) for their continuing support – it really does keep me going on those days when I feel like packing it all in!

As for Bellyful of Art, I’ve got some great things in store over the coming weeks, including the ten-part Tiny Tale, Rules to Live By – a story that examines the relationship a young girl has with her mother’s written guidance. The end of September is also Bellyful of Art’s first birthday so expect candles, cake and a whole host of exciting new content to mark this major milestone!

For now, I’ll leave you with a brief snippet from my latest article for Good On Paper – an interview with the founder of Stroud Theatre Festival, John Bassett. If you’re into theatre and live in the Stroud area (Gloucestershire, UK) or are willing to travel, Stroud Theatre Festival (11th-13th September) is certainly an event worth attending. Check out their exciting programme of performances and workshops via their website.

The diverse range of shows on offer at Stroud Theatre Festival points to an event that is determined to be as original as it is inclusive; from classics such as Rough for Theatre II – a play written by Samuel Beckett and performed by Brabbins & Rohwer – to comedy fresh from Edinburgh Fringe in Angie Belcher’s Mythical Creature, audiences will be hard pushed to find something that doesn’t appeal in this year’s line-up.




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