Summer Breaks & New Opportunities!!

Now that summer is in full swing (by virtue of it being August, not because we’ve suddenly woken up to weather akin to the Mediterranean…), Bellyful of Art is taking a two week break to replenish its story-based stocks and swot up on a few art exhibitions ready for the autumn.

But before I break out my new notepad and pen *squeals excitedly*, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite any readers who would like the chance to write a post for Bellyful of Art to get in touch via the Contact page with a link to their blog (if they have one) and a short paragraph on what they’d like to write about.

Obviously, it would be great if your ideas could fit in with the general theme of Bellyful of Art, but if you have an idea that’s a little different, I would still be keen to hear from you – a change is as good as a rest after all!

I think it’s so important that writers support and promote each other and with that in mind, I’d be more than happy to provide feedback (in my limited writerly knowledge!) on any piece that’s submitted and would love to hear your opinions of my own work.

Here’s the kind of things I’m (typically) looking for:


Short Stories

Flash Fiction

Autobiographical Pieces on Writing

Artist Profiles

Art/Book/Film Reviews

Maximum word length for all posts: 1,500.

New and experienced writers are welcome so if you’ve never tried your hand at writing before, now is your chance.

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with links to my three favourite Bellyful of Art posts of 2015 to keep you all suitably entertained whilst I’m away!!! Enjoy!

The Bird Clock

Review: Truth & Memory

You Gave Us Our Childhood

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