Interview for Good On Paper: Bill Jones

Bill Jones (1 of 1)
Photo of Bill by James Kriszyk

My second article for Good On Paper is an interview with local comedian, Bill Jones:

Miserable comedy; the two words seem incongruous, don’t they? And yet for Bill Jones – comedian, illustrator, writer and book-maker – these two disparate themes have provided his comic alter-ego, Miserable Malcolm, with enough material to create an hour-long show that is as funny as it is charming.

Bill really is an interesting guy and I managed to catch his one-man show, ‘Graveside Manner’, at Black Book Cafe in Stroud a week or so prior to our chat. Needless to say, I was in stitches for the entirety of his performance and I think this opportunity to see Bill in action before we met helpfully informed the resultant article.

Once again, if you live or work in the Stroud area, you can pick up a copy of Good On Paper from one of their local stockists and read this interview in full. Alternatively, if getting to Stroud is tricky, then check out Bill’s work on his blog, Hawker’s Pot, where he’ll also keep you informed of any upcoming shows.

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