Interview for Good On Paper: Dennis Gould

Dennis Gould Blog 1 (1 of 1)
Photo of Dennis by James Kriszyk

My first article has been published!!!

Well, my first printed article – the first one that I can hold in my hand rather than scan with my computer mouse!!

Good On Paper is a local art, music, theatre and literature guide that not only contains interesting previews, interviews and artist profiles, but also lists every event in the Stroud area that you could possibly want to go to! For their third issue, I have interviewed local letterpress printer and poet, Dennis Gould. I’ve never interviewed anyone before and I have to say that I spent at least the first five minutes worrying that my Dictaphone wasn’t working! Luckily, Dennis is a true pro and his easy manner and fascinating background soon put me at ease.

Born in Burton-On-Trent and raised in Derbyshire, Dennis Gould is not just a man defined by his letterpress printing, although for this he has become renowned in the local area and beyond. His background is marked by his pacifism, by a stint in the army and a spell in prison, and finally, by his poetry. “DH Lawrence was a major influence on my writing, on writing poetry, because he’s well known as a novelist, but he’s also a brilliant poet…I began writing after reading his essays and letters and poems because they seemed very simple, but of course simplicity is the hardest thing in any field.”

Dennis’s life is well worth a read so if you live in Stroud (Gloucestershire, UK) – or happen to be passing through at any point – then pick up your free copy of Good On Paper from one of their many stockists.

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