You Gave Us Our Childhood

You gave us our childhood when we were too young
To know what it meant and yet still we clung
To your hand as you held us, to the scent of your clothes
To the sound of your laughter, to the words that you chose

You gave us your love whenever we cried
If ever our upset seemed endless and wide
You’d give us your kindness as best that you could
With games and with friendship and walks in the wood

We gave you our comfort when life was a fight
When death seemed to push, when sickness held tight
To your hands as they shook, to the bruise in your skin
To the croak in your voice, to the droop in your grin

We gave you our thanks as our worlds were parted
When the woman we loved left us broken-hearted
But our darkness is brief, we understand why
It was your time to leave us as we say goodbye

Nan (1 of 1)

In loving memory of a wonderful Nan. Violet Nurding 1921-2015.

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