Guest Post: Christmas, by David Grant

How many people this Christmas
Know what Christmas is for?
Eating and drinking and spending
And parties by the score

Do they know what they’re celebrating
And what Christmas is for?
Has it all been lost to commerce
With everyone wanting more?

Spending what they haven’t got
On things they do not need
Not what Christmas is about
Being fed on profit and greed

Typical of this world today
The meaning has been lost
All about making a profit
No matter what the cost

It’s celebrating the birth of Jesus
That’s what Christmas is for
Of Wise Men bringing presents
To that stable door

Maybe we should look at ourselves
Help those more in need
Cut back on all the spending
And all the profit and greed

(The only gift I need this Christmas – a wonderful poem by my Dad. Thanks for sharing, Dad!)

    1. Thanks Lu! He’s very good, isn’t he? Did you notice that your mince pies have made a star appearance as well?!! Needless to say, they’ve all gone now…yum yum xx


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